Sabri ÖzTechnologieTechnology Management and Industrial Policy Temip
Sabri ÖzTechnologieTechnology Management and Industrial Policy Temip

Technology Management and Industrial Policy Temip (9786258461015)

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SAPTEY, the Industrial Policy and Technology Management Department of Istanbul Commerce University, has its own scientific resource pool called SRP-SAPTEY. This book will take its distinguished place in SRP-SAPTEY with 14 chapters. The areas of interest and authors of the chapters, each more valuable than the other, are briefly as follows: From Poland, Radoslaw Harabin and Grzegorz Wilk-Jakubowski with marketing by “Polish Deal” where as Grzegorz Zajac has written on a spesific technology: “Drones”. Vaishali Bhardwaj, from India, has a research on horticulture in India. From England, Peter Milford’s subject was on business funding. Ezgi Avcı and Necla İ. Küçükçolak have studied on customer payment behaviours. There are two important chapter included on energy sector; the first one is on the digital transformation in energy by İsmail Ekmekci and Ayfer B. Ekmekci, and the second one on hydroelectric energy by Hicabi Ersoy and Mert C. Ersoy. A Taiwan case analysis is made by S. Armağan Vurdu on multinational companies. The ethical climate in business has been studied by Öznur G. Ertosun and M. Saim Aşçı. Pınar Başar and Sabri Öz have studied on tourism policy via AHP Analysis where as Occupational Health and Safety by Cengiz Akyıldız and Technology Transfer by B. Gökhan Topal. One of the most interesting chapter written by H. Hilal Şahin is traditional disease treatment according to “Baburname” and finally the “Belt and Road Initiative” has been studied by Tevfik Dönmez and Sabri Öz.

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