Practising English Grammar (9789944119832)

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Elementary To Advanced

Practising English Grammar Introduction

The reason behind my giving this title to this book is the following: I do not intend to provide students with a book of English Grammar that lacks Practice. English is mainly Grammar as well as Practice. In this book, I carefully provided students with the knowledge of theoretical English through a full analysis of the grammar in the sentence structure. I thought it wise to consider the practising part, which I provided the students with as soon as they have fully understood the theoretical part. This methodology of theory and practice, of analysis and feedback has proved itself of much efficiency in most theories of language. I thought it also wise to consider the linguistic part of the book because students really need to have some knowledge of the practical English; I mean language in use. I made my book as simple as I could so that learners of English would have no difficulties in dealing with both the theoretical part as well as the practical one.

I also divided the book into chapters and each chapter contains a series of sub-titles to make the task much easier for students when intending to deal with specific subjects. There are continuous activities for practice that the students have to deal with throughout the book. I am fully convinced that as soon as the students have gone through most of the parts of this book, they would realise that their knowledge of English has really developed and that they have now the background to deal with critical English.

The book is also rich with many valuable elements that the students may use in their support for all types of examinations. It is a reference book for all possible grammatical and practical problems. I always believe: never to judge a book from its cover!
A. Coşkun

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Basım Tarihi : 9.2009
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