Yei Theodora OzakiÖyküJapanese Fairy Tales
Yei Theodora OzakiÖyküJapanese Fairy Tales

Japanese Fairy Tales (9786059867191)

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Barkod : 9786059867191

This collection of Japanese fairy tales is the outcome of a suggestion made to me indirectly through a friend by Mr. Andrew Lang. They have been translated from the modern version written by Sadanami Sanjin. These stories are not literal translations, and though the Japanese story and all quaint Japanese expressions have been faithfully preserved they have been told more with the view to interest young readers of the West than the technical students of folklore. Grateful acknow ledgment is due to Mr. Y. Yasuoka Miss Fusa Okamato my brother Nobumori Ozaki Dr. Yoshihiro Takaki and Miss Kameko Yamao, who have helped me with translations.

The story which I have named "The Story of the Man who did not Wish to Die" is taken from a little book written a hundred years ago by one Shinsui Tamenaga, It is named Chosei Furo or "Longevity." "The Bamboo-cutter and the Moon-child" is taken from the classic "Taketari Monogatari," and is Not classed by the Japanese among their fairy tales, though it really belongs to this class of literature.

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Kağıt Cinsi : 2. Hamur
Basım Tarihi : 1.2015
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