Fergus KennedyYabancı Dilde KitaplarDrone Photography and Video Masterclass
Fergus KennedyYabancı Dilde KitaplarDrone Photography and Video Masterclass

Drone Photography and Video Masterclass (9781781453001)

Para Puan : 650
İndirim Oranı : %17 İndirim
Fiyat : €69,90(KDV Dahil)
İndirimli : €58,01(KDV Dahil)
Barkod : 9781781453001

Drones are changing the way we interact with the world, and - with one of their key applications being aerial photography - the way we look at it. With over 1.5 million posts on Instagram are tagged with #drone, a revolution in photography is taking place over our heads! Drone Photography & Video Masterclass contains everything a photographer needs to take their craft confidently and expertly into the skies; and everything a drone pilot needs to master this photographic genre. The book takes the view that successful drone photography is all about the shot, not the drone. So, while the reader is equipped with an essential introduction to drone technology, flying skills, safety measures, and legal requirements, author Fergus Kennedy demonstrates how the skills of planning, composition, lighting, focus, and exposure remain essential to capturing great images. Drone Photography & Video Masterclass is the essential guide to realizing the full potential of this exciting new playing field, and elevating the art of your photography to dizzying new heights.

Basım Dili : İngilizce
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Sayfa Sayısı : 176
En / Boy : 13.5 / 21
Kağıt Cinsi : 2. Hamur
Basım Tarihi : 2.2017
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