Hasan IşıkGenel KonularCourse Book Sweet Rivalry in English
Hasan IşıkGenel KonularCourse Book Sweet Rivalry in English

Course Book Sweet Rivalry in English (9789944223508)

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Barkod : 9789944223508

’Sweet Rivalry In English’ is a collection of articles that have been written on different occasions since 1979 and furthermore it contains the whole of English Grammar, from beginner to advanced level. The main goal of learning a second language is to be able to use that language in four skills that consist of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. ’Sweet Rivalry In English’ contains all these key factors in it. The most important peculiarity of this book is that the basic English sentence structures have been being taught with a new method which took place at appendix 5, as ’time line and periods’ instead of ’The Tenses In English’.

Reading passages in twenty-two units will take you into different atmosphere and the exercises in the book are very suitable for classroom use and self-study. These reading passages can also be used for the students at Police College, Police Schools, Prep. Classes of Universities, High Schools and Vocational Schools.

In addition, new discussion topics, riddles, jokes, crossword puzzles and proverbs will make your learning more enjoyable and prepare you being better than your rivals on each platform. I’d like to remind that ’Sweet Rivalry In English’ will be very beneficial to not only the beginners but intermediate and advanced learners as well. Some questions which can be used for entrance, mid-term, final, exemption or proficiency exams have been added.

And, news flash! The reading comprehension passages, dialogues, alphabet, numbers, jobs and irregular verbs have been recorded by native speakers to improve students’ listening skills. “Sweet Rivalry In English“ is in CD with Answer Key now!

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