Sir Arthur Conan DoyleTürkçe RomanlarA Study in Scarlet
Sir Arthur Conan DoyleTürkçe RomanlarA Study in Scarlet

A Study in Scarlet (9786257923668)

Para Puan : 264
İndirim Oranı : %10 İndirim
Fiyat : €20,02(KDV Dahil)
İndirimli : €18,02(KDV Dahil)
Barkod : 9786257923668
Teknik Detay

“He seized me by the coat-sleeve in his eagerness, and drew me over to the table at which he had been working. “Let us have some fresh blood,” he said, digging a long bodkin into his finger, and drawing off the resulting drop of blood in a chemical pipette. “Now, I add this small quantity of blood to a litre of water. You perceive that the resulting mixture has the appearance of pure water. The proportion of blood cannot be more than one in a million. I have no doubt, however, that we shall be able to obtain the characteristic reaction.” As he spoke, he threw into the vessel a few white crystals, and then added some drops of a transparent fluid. In an instant the contents assumed a dull mahogany colour, and a brownish dust was precipitated to the bottom of the glass jar.”

Basım Dili : İngilizce
Basım Yeri :
Sayfa Sayısı : 127
En / Boy : 13.5 / 21
Kağıt Cinsi : 2. Hamur
Basım Tarihi : 3.2020
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